Galloping Ahead
"Fortune favours the brave"' these are simple yet valuable words which very easily gives a picture of his attitude. He is the man with outstanding wisdom and leadership who ventured into the iron & steel business in Orissa in the 70s. He is a man with a vision and self-belief.

When in the 80s, there was a surge in population and decline in build-able land, he thought of an innovative idea and later worked on to it to build multi-storied residential apartments in the state, so that the people could lead a luxurious life with a minimum of investment. This idea gave birth to United Friends Builders and Tritan Happy Homes.

He is also a great believer in God and has totally devoted himself at the feet of Lord Krishna and is leading his life as a “Vishnavite”. He gives credit for his achievement in business to his spiritual refinement.

He is also an eminent social worker and is engaged in various community development activities. As a part of it he holds chair in various social organisations like Bhartia Charitable Trust, Shree Gopal Krishna Gosala, Agarwal Vikas Trust and the list continues as are his efforts ...
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Group Outlook
As a trend setting initiative the Bhartia Group is in the process of completely rejuvenating and revitalizing the entire business process and systems. The transformation exercise will ultimately revamp the Group into the most professionally run construction and trading house in the state of Orissa, focusing on complete satisfaction of all the stakeholders.

The Group is being equipped with highly progressive people and is also fostering a professional approach, aimed at result orientation to be based on latest technology and management practices.

The group is committed to carry their technical and management expertise to smaller towns so that, the congestion in the urban landscape can be avoided and the benefit of planned development be made available to the majority of people of Orissa.

A beginning towards this end has already been made by taking up real estate projects in other smaller cities. It is also proposed to build exclusive super -deluxe colonies and diversify further into hospitality and tourism intensive areas. The group in keeping with the Government housing policy, is endeavoring to provide better dwelling units for the urban/semi-urban population with special emphasis on a healthy environment
Group Ambitons

It is the group’s mission to achieve difficult engineering feats by building beautiful edifices and landmarks in the manufacturing sector without sacrificing basic and real values of life.

The Bhartia Group believes in sustainable development and construction to provide Lasting contribution towards a healthy, happy and wholesome quality of life for the people of the state of Orissa.

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