Galloping Ahead
"Fortune favours the brave"' these are simple yet valuable words which very easily gives a picture of his attitude. He is the man with outstanding wisdom and leadership who ventured into the iron & steel business in Orissa in the 70s. He is a man with a vision and self-belief.

When in the 80s, there was a surge in population and decline in build-able land, he thought of an innovative idea and later worked on to it to build multi-storied residential apartments in the state, so that the people could lead a luxurious life with a minimum of investment. This idea gave birth to United Friends Builders and Tritan Happy Homes.

He is also a great believer in God and has totally devoted himself at the feet of Lord Krishna and is leading his life as a “Vishnavite”. He gives credit for his achievement in business to his spiritual refinement.

He is also an eminent social worker and is engaged in various community development activities. As a part of it he holds chair in various social organisations like Bhartia Charitable Trust, Shree Gopal Krishna Gosala, Agarwal Vikas Trust and the list continues as are his efforts ...
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Trading Companies
Tata Steelium

Tata Steelium, is another brand of the Flat Products Division of Tata Steel. Apart from providing a certain level of quality the name also assures the customer of the genuineness of the product. It goes a long way in meeting the challenge of gaining a sustainable competitive edge in the marketplace. The brand has acquired new customers in retail untapped areas and made an aggressive entry into the retail segment through exclusive shops called Steelium zones. Customer relationship building programmes are undertaken with a view to increasing market share.

The worl''s first branded Cold Rolled Steel
Tata Steel is proud to announce the launch of the world's first branded Cold Rolled Steel - Tata Steelium. It made sense to come up with a branded product as that would provide a number of benefits - for you and your customer.

Tata Steelium, apart from providing a certain level of quality, assures you of the genuineness of the product. It goes a long way in meeting your challenge of gaining a sustainable competitive edge in the marketplace. With the name 'Tata Steelium' being marked on the product itself, you can be assured of the authenticity of your purchase.
What's in it for you
With Tata Steelium as the source of your raw material, you have a definite edge over your competitors since your customers would tend to rely more on products made from Tata Steelium.

Tata Steelium will help you benefit from the goodwill and trust the name ‘Tata’ enjoys in the market.

Experience the Tata Steelium advantage...

Authenticity and genuineness of the product
Superior product quality
Savings through better yield
Better value for your products
Wide range of grades, thickness and widths
Well organised distribution network throughout the country
Quick response & prompt redressal of problems
Deliver superior value to your customers on a consistent basis and by design
Opportunity to differentiate your product on the basis of raw material source
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