Galloping Ahead
"Fortune favours the brave"' these are simple yet valuable words which very easily gives a picture of his attitude. He is the man with outstanding wisdom and leadership who ventured into the iron & steel business in Orissa in the 70s. He is a man with a vision and self-belief.

When in the 80s, there was a surge in population and decline in build-able land, he thought of an innovative idea and later worked on to it to build multi-storied residential apartments in the state, so that the people could lead a luxurious life with a minimum of investment. This idea gave birth to United Friends Builders and Tritan Happy Homes.

He is also a great believer in God and has totally devoted himself at the feet of Lord Krishna and is leading his life as a “Vishnavite”. He gives credit for his achievement in business to his spiritual refinement.

He is also an eminent social worker and is engaged in various community development activities. As a part of it he holds chair in various social organisations like Bhartia Charitable Trust, Shree Gopal Krishna Gosala, Agarwal Vikas Trust and the list continues as are his efforts ...
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About us

The name "Bhartia" is associated with the trading of materials for the infrastructure sector as well as construction of Infrastructure facilities for over 30 years. The name has strongly emerged as a brand to reckon with and is becoming synonymous with the entire range of civil construction materials and real estate development activity in Orissa.

Bhartia Group as on date comprises of eight companies. The main flagship companies are Bhartia Distributors, Steel Syndicate and Bhartia Traders. All the companies are private limited companies, sharing prosperity with their proud shareholders, customers, investors and others. The Group is proud of its accomplishments which have contributed towards its maintaining the ' 'numero uno' position in their sphere of activities. Apart from its business activities the Group is actively involved in various social endeavours.

Bhartia Trading is one of the biggest Distributors of Iron & Steel, Marble & Cement. BDPL a unit of Bhartia Trading is the distributor of TATA Steel flat products in the state of Orissa.

Bhartia Construction has pioneered the concept of high rise complexes in Cuttack and the group is forging ahead in the path of not only changing the skyline of the twin cities of Cuttack-Bhubaneswar but also other emerging cities/towns of Orissa.

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